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University 6 - Postal ALC 1 - Div 2 North - 25/3/2023

TEAM - 1. D.Cruickshank 2. A.Riddell 3. A.Baxter 4. C.Collie 5. L.Giulianotti 6. N.Wiley 7. A.Clark 8. J.Steele 9. A.Esson 10. B.Webster 11. M.Maciver 12. S.Cotovici 14. L.Melia 15. G.Cormack 16. D.Aitken


Postal arrived at a sunny Balgownie hopeful of picking up a result against University to put some pressure on the teams above them. Unfortunately that hope evaporated soon after kick off with one of the poorest performances of the season from Postal.

Uni took the lead after only 8 minutes. The midfielder was allowed to run 40 yards down the centre of the pitch unchallenged. The Postal defence then tried to play offside on a player who was miles onside. He picked up the pass, rounded the keeper to knock into an empty net. 1-0.

2 minutes later and Uni doubled their lead. Postal defence, again trying to play offside, Uni player ran down the Postal right unchallenged, sent in a low cross along the face of the Postal box and the Uni forward was standing unmarked to knock home. 2-0.

To their credit Postal rallied and were coming into the game when Melia had a chance on 27 minutes when he was sent through on goal but he shot over the bar.

A minute later and Cruickshank produced a good save after a Uni player was again allowed to walk through the square Postal defence.

The shout from the Postal sideline was to try and stay in the game till we could re-group at half time but Postal slit their own throats on 40 and 42 minutes to sell the game after shipping two goals in quick succession. Real schoolboy stuff and a lack of concentration all round. 4-0. GAME OVER!!!


The second half was a bit of a non-event. Neither side did anything particularly note worthy until Uni scored a 5th on 80 minutes. It was a simple ball over the top of the Postal defence that was allowed to bounce and fell into the path of a Uni forward who made no mistake. 5-0.

Bruce Webster pulled a consolation goal back for Postal on 86 minutes 5-1.

Melia missed a sitter on 88 minutes when his shot at an open goal was sclaffed past the post.

Uni finished off the scoring a minute later. 6-1.

Overall, Uni were very impressive first half…..perhaps too impressive for a 2nd Div outfit?!?!

Miles better than a Postal side who looked like they didn’t know what had hit them. At this stage, if Uni can keep all their players fit and turning up, and they don’t get caught playing unregistered players, they must be favourites to win this league.

That said, there’s no way Postal should be getting beat by 5 goals from anyone in this division. The only reasonable explanation is, they lost all concentration, or worse, downed tools.

Either way, completely unacceptable performance.

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