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A very warm welcome, and thank you for spending the time to visit the official Postal A.L.C website.

Founded in 1966 by Post Office Staff, Postal have been a mainstay of the Aberdeenshire Amateur Football Association for a great many years.

In 1999, Postal merged with a young Aberdeen Lads Club team and have since been known as Postal A.L.C.

Two years after the merger, Postal A.L.C won the 2001 League Division 5 (the last Division 5 before league pyramid reconstruction).

After the success of 2001, Postal had to wait 4 years before winning three Division 2 league cups in 2005, 2006 and, again, five years later in 2011.


Since 2011 the trophy cabinet has been bare but with a new squad in place, we are, as ever, optimistic for the new season ahead.  

Postal currently play our home games at Webster Park in Kingswell.  Visitors and new supporters are always welcome.

For any questions about Postal A.L.C you can visit our Facebook page by clicking the link on the top banner, or go to the Contacts tab of this website for further contact details.

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