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Kemnay Youth 4 - Postal ALC 2 - Div 2 North - Bogbeth Partk - 3rd Dec 22

TEAM - 1. S.Walker 2. A.Riddell 3. S.Carter 4. L.Giulianotti 5. B.Patterson 6. K.Dowbekin 7. A.Clark 8. J.Steele 9. E.Martin 10. B.Webster 11. P.Frampton 12. M.Hunter 14. M.Maciver. 15. J.Cook 16. C.Reith


Postal got off to the worse possible start in this 1st V 2nd Div 2 North encounter when they gave away a goal only 20 seconds after kick off. Boy ran between Frampton and Carter on the left hand side with neither of the two of them communicating to pick him up or tackle the ball. Seconds later, Walker made a good save, to stop the initial stop but with the Postal defence day dreaming, Kemnay made no mistake with the rebound. 1-0.

2 minutes later the referee refused to give Postal a stonewall pen after a blatant hand ball in the box by a Kemnay defender. One of many mistakes from the young referee today (to the disadvantage of both teams it must be said).

Postal were working themselves into the game and the majority of attacking was coming from the away side, so a real punch in the stomach when the defence switched off again from a simple throw in. Big striker collected the ball unmarked from the throw-in, on the Postal left, strolled through, unchallenged, and stroked it home. Simple game when nobody is bothering their backside to mark you. 2-0.

Again Postal rallied and continued to set the pace of the game. On 18 minutes Webster was sent in on goal from the Postal right but his shot lacked any real power and the goaley saved.

A minute later and Postal got a lifeline when Frampton was tripped in the box. He dusted himself down and stepped up to score. 2-1.

Postal pushed the self-destruct button again on 37 minutes. A Carter sclaffed clearance fell into the Postal box. Giulianotti, with all the time in the world was dispossessed in the 6 yard box and the striker had an easy goal. 3-1.

Three goals against and the away side never had to work particularly hard for any of them.


Postal started the second half well and were rewarded on 14 minutes when good build up work from Frampton would present a long range effort to Webster who slammed the ball home from 20 yards out. Good Goal. 3-2. A real chance to get back into the game.

On 32 minutes with Postal on the attack, another sickener on the counter attack. A mix up between Steele and Hunter just outside the Kemnay box saw Kemnay send a long ball behind Carter and no covering centre back anywhere in sight. His man latched onto the ball and drove towards the box. What looked like both players pulling at each other, the referee decided to give Kemnay a penalty. Very harsh decision but poor starting position from the defence to begin with, and, again, down to a lack of concentration. 4-2.

To their credit, Postal never gave up and on 38 minutes were awarded a penalty when Hunter was up-ended by the Kemnay goalkeeper…………………….or so we thought. After a wee bit of complaining from the Kemnay team and sideline (nothing over the top), the young referee then decided to award a free kick to Kemnay. His reasoning, when questioned by the Postal side line? “I saw him smiling as he was walking away”. There you have it. If you are awarded a penalty, make sure you don’t have the audacity to smile or the decision may be reversed. In over 35 years of watching amateur football, this writer has never even heard of a decision like it, never mind seen one. Amazing.

Postal couldn’t get any other goals and Kemnay extended their lead to 7 points.

Overall a strange game. Postal more than competed and it could be argued had the majority of attack and possession. Unfortunately when the defence has an off day, like they did today, there’s not a lot that can be done about it, and (as the Kemnay Youth facebook put it), are left to “MIND THE GAP”.

Next up Halliburton away.

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