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TEAM - 1. J.McGrath 2. S.Carter 3. S.Stuart 4. S.Clark 5. M.Steer 6. R.Lamb 7. R.Law 8. L.Beattie 9. L.Mewse 10. R.Insch 11. N.Cain 12. M.Maciver 14. P.Coutts 15. A.Riddell 16. K.Dowbecin. 17. M.Hunter


Covid friendly number 8. This week versus Div 2 Burghmuir out in Inverurie.

With Laing injured, McGrath stayed in goal this week and Postal started with the same back 4 as the Westdyke game. The midfield started with Law, Lamb and Beattie and up top, Mewse was joined with Cain and Insch.

Right from the beginning of this match, Postal looked good. Pacey on the counter attack and strong coming forward in midfield. The Burghmuir defence looked like they were in for a long afternoon.

Only a minute into the match and Carter looked to have been rugby tackled on the right of the Postal defence. The ref waved play on and when Postal countered at pace, Mese did well to sent over a low ball across the face of the 6 yard box but Insch couldn’t get there on time.

The away side took the lead though only 5 minutes later when a blistering move forward saw Lamb play in Cain. His shot was cleared only as far as Insch who struck a superb shot from just inside the home box on the left hand side into the postage stamp. Really good attack and finish from Postal and Insch. 0-1.

Ten minutes into the match and Postal were dominating all over the pitch against a Burghmuir team not shy in putting themselves about physically.

Clark had to go off for 5 minutes early in the game when he got a cut just above the eye but was able to be patched up and came back on.

On 15 minutes, a great run forward and combination between Law and Lamb saw Law get his shot away from distance but it went just wide of the Burghmuir right hand post.

7 minutes later and Postal doubled their lead. A lovely cross from Insch on the Postal left saw Cain sneak in at the back post to volley the ball past the keeper. 0-2.

The game exploded, 23 minutes into the half. Carter made a thunderous (but clean) tackle on the right of the Postal defence taking ball and man. The Burghmuir forward then man-handled Carter which caused a mini melee with a number of Postal and Burghmuir players getting involved. In the end, no bookings were dished out and the game was restarted with a throw-in.

Mewse came close to scoring on 30 minutes when he did well to out leap the tall defenders from a Postal corner but his header went just wide. Unlucky.

Postal scored a third 5 minutes later when another great whipped ball in from the Postal left by Insch, again, was knocked into his own net by a Burghmuir defender with Cain lurking behind him. 0-3.

After this, Postal went through a period of allowing the home side back into the game and were falling further and further back into their own half. It was during one of these defensive periods that Postal scored their fourth to effectively kill off the game. With Burghmuir on the attack, Postal countered down the right. Liam Mewse got in behind the home defence and just before getting kicked up in the air in the box he managed to knock it into the path of Cain who converted for his second of the afternoon. It would have been a certain penalty if the ref hadn’t played advantage. 0-4.

Just before half time, Cain missed a great chance at the back post to get his hat-trick when he ballooned the ball over the bar with an open goal gaping. Another decent half from Cain though again.

HALF TIME – Burghmuir 0 - POSTAL ALC 4

Postal put on all 5 subs at half time. (Dowbekin for Mewse, Hunter for Beattie, Maciver for Cain, Riddell for Carter and Coutts for Stuart).

A minute into the half and Postal handed the home side a really soft goal. With the ball looking like it was going out of play (or had gone out of play) on the bye line, Hunter knocked the ball back into the box. The Burghmuir forward got to the ball just before McGrath who caught the forward as he dived to gather the ball. Penalty. McGrath got a glove to the pen but couldn’t keep it out. 1-4.

A minute later and a moment of controversy. With the Postal defence all over the place, Coutts found himself isolated on the left as a Burghmuir forward ran through to a ball in behind. Coutts (only just on) tripped the forward and was immediately shown a red card. Bit harsh considering the trip happened about 30 yards from goal, so hardly a clear goal scoring opportunity.

Postal were now down to ten men which meant they lost a bit of their fluidity going forward, but still looked dangerous on the counter. It was one of these counters 5 minutes into the half which saw a decent cross headed into the net by substitute Dowbekin at the back post. 1-5.

Postal were obviously having to do a lot more defending now and the midfield were now having to spend a lot of time on the back foot. Hunter especially having to track back on the left to cover for the sending off. That didn’t stop him on 20 minutes though when he found himself unmarked at the back post to knock home a cross low into the net for his first Postal goal. 1-6.

He also got a shot away on 25 minutes from distance but it went just past the post.

McGrath made a good recovery save on 26 minutes when he found himself out near the edge of his box. A long shot from Burghmuir looked to be sailing into the net but the keeper did well and was brave to sprint back and fling himself at it to clear (bashing his knee against the post as he did it).

Postal made it 7 with another counter attack down the right, 30 minutes into the half. Cain did well to get his shot away but the clearance only went as far as Dowbekin who did well to keep his composure and smash home on the rebound. 1-7.

With McGrath starting to limp about in the Postal goal Burghmuir pulled one back with a shot low to the keepers right hand post. A bit slack from Postal not to shut down the shot earlier to be honest. 2-7.

McGrath would come off soon after, replaced in goal by Riddell.

The referee made another strange decision soon after when he sent off a Burghmuir player for a tackle on Maciver. Not much in the tackle to be honest. There were certainly dirtier ones during the match that never even got booked.

Overall, a very impressive attacking performance from Postal today. Burghmuir have had better sides over the years but they were still a big physical team who Postal stood toe-to-toe with today and dominated from a footballing perspective. An enjoyable game to watch. Well done.

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