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BANCHORY AMATEURS 3 - POSTAL ALC 7 - Div 1 North - Knockburn Loch - 12th Aug 2023

TEAM - 1. S.Walker 2. K.Dowbekin 3. A.Baxter 4. L.Giulianotti 5. B.Patterson 6. M.Hunter 7. A.Clark 8. J.Steele 9. L.Melia 10. N.Willey 11. B.Webster 12. T.Raynard 14. P.Frampton 15. S.Abel 15. R.Webster


Following on from a dogged performance against JSXI, Postal travelled out to Knockburn Loch to take on Banchory who had a tremendous result winning 10-1 in the midweek fixture against AC Mill Inn.

With Donald Cruickshank injured and Steven Carter away, Shaun Walker and Kieran Dowbekin took their place in the starting line up.

It was the home side who would take the onus in the opening exchanges with Postal struggling to get out their own half.

In the first minute a sclaffed clearance from Walker, led to a shot from the Banchory number 8 which went wide.

Against the run of play Postal would take the lead on 4 min, played out nicely from the back by Dowbekin, James Steele and Bruce Webster, saw Clark one on one with the Banchory keeper following a slack back pass. The keeper was forced to take Clark down and Hunter stepped up to take the penalty. The pen was saved but fortunately, Postal’s Willey was on hand to slam in the rebound. 0-1

On 10 minutes direct from a corner, the Banchory player sent a powerful header goal bound only to see his effort blocked on the line by the Banchory number 11.

Postal were getting deeper and deeper and a cross from the left was intercepted by Patterson, however the Banchory 25 picked up the ball and flashed an effort past the Postal post. A real let off.

On 18 min, following another failed clearance, the Banchory forward chipped the Postal goalkeeper however again went wide of the post.

On 20 min following continued Banchory pressure, a stramash in the postal box the Banchory player got his shot off and was cleared off the line by Patterson.

Postal started to get a bit more of a foot hold in the game on and on 22min Willey raced up the left wing and crossed to Webster who seen his shot blocked.

Banchory eventually did equalise following a corner. Cleared to 22 yards out the impressive Banchory 25 smashed the ball into the bottom right of the Postal goal. 1-1

35 gone, Melia had a free kick which the Banchory keeper done well to push over.

44 min Postal almost undone all their good work, trying to play offshore number 11 was left 1 V 1 with the Postal goalkeeper. Lucky for Postal Shaun dived at his feet and made a superb stop.


Postal were asked to push up in the second half and on 48 min a long ball over the top exposed Patterson who’s man cut in from the left and crossed, luckily intercepted by Giulianotti and cleared for a corner.

51 minutes played the Banchory 25 leapt highest at the front post from a corner to make it 2-1 to the home side.

Credit to the Postal side, they did not panic and on 54 min a Hunter through ball was picked up by Melia, who from just inside the box, smashed the ball into the Banchory far post. Really good goal and well deserved from the Postal number 9. 2-2

At this point the game opened up, with Banchory advancing Postal would hit them on the break. On 65 min a cross from Webster was met by Steele who had made up a lot of ground to attack the ball to score. 2-3

Banchory would come again, number 25 dancing through 3 players and shooting into the postal right hand post . 3-3.

At this point Postal would take over, Frampton scoring on a break away to make it 3-4 with a late run to the back post.

Melia would then score direct from a corner to make it 3-5.

Frampton would again find the net with a late run to the back post, 3-6 before Clark would dance through the Banchory defence putting the icing on the cake for 3-7.

Overall a terrific performance by Postal who defended amazingly given the pressure they were under against a very good Banchory side, who regardless of the score, will be near the top of the league come the end of the season.

Well played

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