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AC Mill Inn Academy 0 - Postal ALC 3 - Div 2 North - Jim Glennie Park - 19/4/2023

TEAM - 1. G.Cormack 2. S.Carter. 3. A.Baxter. 4. J.Cook. 5. B.Patterson. 6. K.Dowbekin. 7. A.Clark. 8. J.Steele. 9. L.Melia 10. B.Webster. 11. M.Maciver. 12. S.Cotovici. 14. E.Martin. 15. N.Wiley


Postal travelled to Stonehaven for this unusually late kick off on a Wednesday night on the Astro turf.

Postal had a great start and blew the home team away in the first 15 minutes.

B.Patterson started the scoring on ten minutes when he bulleted in a header from a corner on the right. 0-1.

Ten minutes later the Mill Inn keeper made an error by passing the ball direct to Maciver. He then passed the ball into the net from 25 yards out. 0-2.

Melia made it three soon after, when he ran through on the keeper and slid it past. 0-3.

On 35 minutes, Steele had to go off injured.

On 40 minutes, Melia got smashed in the box. He stood up to take the resultant penalty but for the second time in a week, the keeper saved the pen and the striker blazed the rebound over the bar.

HALF TIME – AC Mill Inn Academy 0 - POSTAL ALC 3

The second half was pretty even but no more scoring.

Overall a really good win tonight to keep the hope of promotion to Div 1 alive. Well done.

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