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Postal ALC 2 - Newmachar United 0 - Div 2 North - Webster Park - 22/4/2023

TEAM - 1. D.Cruickshank 2. S.Carter. 3. A.Baxter. 4. A.Riddell. 5. B.Patterson. 6. K.Dowbekin. 7. A.Clark. 8. M.Hunter. 9. L.Melia 10. B.Webster. 11. E.Martin. 12. S.Cotovici. 14. N.MacDonald. 15. N.Wiley. 16. G.Cormack


Postal welcomed Newmachar United to Webster Park for this Div 2 North game today. Realistically, the league is probably gone, now, for both sides, so the game took greater importance as both sides battle for the second promotion spot.

The first half saw both sides hitting too many long balls but Dowbekin continued his excellent form from Wednesday night in midfield breaking up the attack from the away side.

Melia has also been in good form since coming back from injury. He connected with a corner with his right foot 6 yards out, hitting it low, and it went in off Murray Hunter’s foot to give Postal the lead. 1-0.

Newmachar had a chance when a corner came into the Postal box, Patterson cleared but the United number 8 latched, standing unmarked got a shot away from 18 yards which Cruickshank saved.

Riddell had a couple of free kicks but blazed both over.


Alex Clark, also coming onto good form at the right time of the season, was awarded a free kick and from the edge of the box scored high into the top left. 2-0.

Martin had a chance when Patterson headed a ball back across the face of goal but couldn’t set his feet to get the shot away.

Patterson had a chance cleared off the line then ballooned the rebound from 5 yards.

Special mention for a great bit of skill from Cotovici when he came on to the pitch and did the old, “Zidane Roulette” trick sending the Newmachar players for a taxi.

Overall a great win for the boys today. Defensively never really troubled and some boys finding form at a good time. Well done. No game on Monday.

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