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Postal ALC 2 - Auchnagatt Barons 5 - Webster Park - Div 2 East - Sat 7th May

TEAM - 1. G.Cormack 2. A.Riddell 3. S.Stuart 4. S.Carter 5. B.Patterson 6. M.Hunter 7. R.Law 8. S.Robertson 9. G.Davidson 10. M.Maciver 11. R.Insch 12. S.Cotovici 14. N.Cain 15. R.Laing 16. K.Dowbekin 17. S.Ure


Postal started the same team that played against Ferryhill the week before against League leaders Auchnagatt.

It would be a day where individual mistakes would cost the home side dearly.

The game was a fairly even start but it was the away side who took the lead on 8 minutes. From a throw-in on the Postal left, Postal missed the first header. The ball made it’s way to the back post, Riddell was dreaming and his man got in front of him to score off the inside of the bar. 0-1.

Postal pulled themselves back into the game on 15 minutes. Davidson was pushed just outside the box on the Postal left. The freekick from Riddell was won by Patterson at the back post and Davidson did well to follow in and head into the net. 1-1.

All positive at this point in the game with the two sides evenly matched.

On 20 minutes Postal would give away another gift wrapped goal with another individual error. This time is was Hunter, collecting a ball on the Postal left under no pressure, tried to pass to the right but passed it directly to a Barons player who volleyed home from distance. 1-2.

On 40 minutes Postal should have been level. An almost identical free kick to the Postal equaliser but instead this time Davidson somehow managed to put the ball over the bar with an open goal waiting to be filled from less than 6 yards out.

Postal went in, one behind but were well in the game.

HALF TIME – POSTAL ALC 1 – Auchnagatt Barons 2

Despite a discussion on making first contact on free kicks and long throws at half time, Postal did the exact opposite 5 minutes into the half to double the away sides lead. A free kick was sent into the Postal box and Auchnagatt were allowed to get the to the ball first at the back post. It was knocked across the Postal 6 yard area where Cormack tried to save with his feet but fell to a Barons player to knock home. Shambles from a Postal defensive point of view. 1-3.

With Postal still reeling the game was put to bed as a contest 2 minutes later. Keeper Cormack made the decision to come running out to the edge of his box, ball driven over his, and the defence’s heads and into the goal. Poor decision making 1-4.

To Postal’s credit they continued battling away and didn’t lie down. They got one back 20 minutes into the half when Ure was on hand to knock home a Hunter shot which the keeper couldn’t hold. 2-4.

Postal kept battling away to get another goal but it never came.

The away side scored a 5th on 45 minutes. Patterson sclaffed a clearance which fell to an away player on the Postal right. The keeper came out but the ball was slipped past him. 2-5.

Overall, as unbelievable as it sounds when you get beat 2-5, Postal actually gave Auchnagatt a competitive game today but individual mistakes killed us.

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