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Postal ALC 1 - Halliburton 0 - Division 2 North - Webster Park 17th April 2023

TEAM - 1. D.Cruickshank 2. S.Carter. 3. A.Baxter. 4. J.Cook. 5. B.Patterson. 6. M.Hunter. 7. A.Clark. 8. J.Steele. 9. N.Wiley 10. B.Webster. 11. M.Maciver. 12. S.Cotovici. 13. L.Melia. 14. A.Esson. 15. K.Dowbekin. 16. G.Cormack


Postal took on Halliburton for the 3rd time this season. The League Cup Winners are really struggling in the league this season, having been demoted last season, but a tough match was on the cards.

Postal welcomed Cook and B.Patterson back into the heart of the defence. Alex Clark took returned to the midfield as Wiley was moved further up the park.

Not a lot to write home about in the first half.

Maciver was clean through mid-way through the half but chipped over the bar.

Webster also had a chipped effort which went over the bar.

Surprisingly the away side played very little football in the first half. Opting instead, to lump high ball after high ball but getting no joy out of the Postal defence. Particularly disappointing as they usually at least attempt to play football.


Second half Postal started well. Clark particularly impressive running from deep.

It was from one of these runs that Postal scored. Clark picked up the ball and then laid the ball into the path of Webster who passed it into the keepers bottom right corner. 1-0.

Postal took on Luke Melia and Arron Esson but Esson had to come off almost immediately with a recurrence of his recent hamstring injury.

Soon after, Melia hit the bar with a header.

Overall a good win for Postal tonight on our first mid-week game of the year.

According to the Halliburton match report ( Match Report: Postal ALC 1 - 0 Halliburton AFC : Halliburton AFC (, "only Kemnay have really looked a better side in one meeting than Halli throughout this league campaign" so for Postal to pick up 7 points out of 9 against them is really a feather in our cap. Well done.

Next up AC Mill Inn Academy away.

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