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Team - 1. Laing. 2. Carter. 3. Coutts 4. Steer. 5. Clark. 6. Ure. 7. Insch. 8. Beattie. 9. Malseed. 10. Law. 11. McAnespie. 12. G.Davidson. 14. K.Kydd. 15. Webb. 16. Maciver. 17. Mackie

Postal travelled to Westhill today to play local ALC rivals Lads Club Amateurs in this Div2 North encounter.

LCA started the first half having more pocession and were the better side for the first 25 minutes but the Postal defence was standing up to it with little in the way of a real chance for the home side.

On 26 minutes and McAnespie was played into the box on the Postal right. His shot hit the side netting though.

The chance of the half came on 38 minutes when a break of the ball sent Law into the box. He cut the ball back to Insch but with the Postal sideline celebrating already the midfielder missed the target from ten yards out. Sore one.

Both sides continued to huff and puff with some meaty tackles going in from both sides but the half ended a stalemate.

HALF TIME - Lads Club Amateurs 0 - Postal ALC 0

Only 7 minutes into the half and LCA went ahead. A simple enough long clearance from the home side saw centre back Steer slip. The LCA number ten made no mistake to take the ball into the box and slip the ball under the body of the on-rushing Laing in goal for Postal to take the lead. Good finishing from the striker. 1-0.

Credit to Postal they battled hard to get back into the game and were rewarded on 30 minutes when the hard working McAnespie was played into the box by Law and made no mistake for his 6th of the campaign.

Lads Club now looked dead on their feet and it looked like there would be only one winner. On 35 minutes McAnespie was again fed through but with only the keeper to beat the LCA man did well to beat the ball away.

With the game looking as if it was going to be a draw, Postal cut their own throats.

A free kick from the half way line was sent straight down the middle of the Postal defence. Keeper never came for it, centre backs never headed away and whoever was marking the LCA number 9 went to sleep and never marked their man. Bad goal to give away after battling hard to get back into the game.

Postal tried valiantly to get back into the match but it wasn't to be and the home side headed to the top of the league with 3 points.

FULL TIME - Lads Club Amateurs 2 - Postal ALC 1

Overall an impressive effort from Postal who will feel hard done by that they never got at least a draw. Two gifts of goals handed to the home side and too many one-on-ones missed today but the attitude and effort couldn't be questioned. Unlucky.

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